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Art in the Gardens - A contemporary landscape

Each summer, Broceliande Gardens invite contemporary artists to display their work in our landscaped 24 hectare park.

2014 - « Kaïou Itou » by Guillaume Castel

From the 6th of July to the 31st of August, a gentle breeze of poetry will settle into the 24 hectare Broceliande Gardens Park!

The sculptures of Guillaume Castel are inspired by the natural world and merge perfectly into the park’s bucolic scenery. Wood, metal or steel; the matter melts, alters and loses it brutality to become soft, dreamy and naturally aesthetic. Beauty and modernism at the heart of nature during a summer’s day outing.

From Morlaix, this artist has already established a reputation exhibiting at : Parc de la Beaujoire in Nantes, Parc Arboretum de Suscinio, Domaine de la Roche-Jagu, Parc d'Ar Milin in Châteaubourg. Only Broceliande, land of poetry, was missing from the list!

Inauguration of the exhibition: Sunday the 6th of July in the presence of the artist.

2013 – « A short break in the Gardens » - Vers1Ailleurs Collectif

A photographic exhibition by Pascal Glais, Pascal Lallement and François Quinio

2012 : "The artists' collective "Centrale 7" pulls out all stops"!

An exhibition uniting artists Jimmix, Veca, Claire Gravant, Nathalie Pitel and Fabrice Bureau

Voir le site de Central 7

2011 : « Invasions de Totems » "Totem Invasion" by Philippe Sidot

Monumental brightly-coloured sculptures of all shapes were blended into the colours of the gardens. Animals such as Sidonie the cow were accompanied by these timeless totems

2010 : "Arts en Girouettes », " Weather-vane Art" a collection by Daniel Couturier

The academic Daniel Couturier who presented his collection of 50 weather vane artworks created by international artists certainly turned the heads of visitors!

2009 : « Femmes Nomades » " Nomadic Women" by Guy Lorgeret

Sculptures of timeless African women draped in soil and sun came and set up in the "modern French theatre" in the gardens to take advantage of the French National Iris Conservatory scenery - A voyage to the sun -

Childrens' imagination : New to Broceliande Gardens

Because creation starts at an early age, school children are able to participate in our "Nomadic Gardens" competition.
Each child creates a miniature garden expressing the chosen theme using all their imagination and creativity

Visitors and the children's parents will be able to discover the children's works of art during the "Nomadic Gardens" exhibition from the 15th of June to the 14th of July 2014.

  • The theme for 2014 : Brittany in Flower

The taming of Nature :

The artistic side of the gardens is visible not only during our exhibitions but also in our gardeners' work and the way in which the gardens are created.

Origins - a brief history

The idea to bring an artistic approach to Broceliande Gardens started with the "Amateur Garden Festival" created in 2005

The principle of this "Amateur Garden Festival" was to encourage the planning and creation of gardens by "anonymous" non-professional gardeners

This concept is unique in France and harnesses the creative and artistic wealth of amateur gardeners; enabling exchanges of ideas between passionate gardeners, volunteers of the organisational committee and the garden's employees with disabilities.

In 2006 the Festival received the "Tourism Trophy" for Upper Brittany, Ille & Vilaine. An important recognition which underlined the attraction of such an event to our region and reflects the enthusiasm and admiration of our visitors.

The Festival was suspended in 2009, but Broceliande Gardens are working on a new concept ... Watch this space !

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