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A garden full of variety with comprehensive botanical collections.
Here you can admire :

The Camellia Collection - Created in 2011

70 varieties of Camellia to colour Spring and Autumn.

On the 30th of March our festival "Caméli-Mélia"

The Lilac Collection

This collection has been newly labelled CCVS « Conservancy of Special plant collections”

The inauguration of this prestigious label will be held on the 4th of May: “Who lies under the Lilacs”

The Collection of more than 1000 Irises

An exceptional collection with nearly 1000 Iris varieties !

- The French National Iris Conservancy, with its' French style, enables you to appreciate French creations from 1840 up to today
- "The Most Beautiful Irises of the World" Terrace
- A year of Irises in Flower

On the 25th of May our festival
"The Iris'istibles..."

The Collection of 250 ancient and modern roses :

- Ancient Rose pathway
- The "Michel Adam" Roses
- The "Meilland" Rose Terrace

On the 8th of June our Festival
Ros’alies et Ros’bonbons !


The Collection of 280 Dahlias

280 varieties, nearly 800 plants in 1200 m²...

On the 7th of September our Festival
Api’dahlias !

The Apple Tree Conservancy : an orchard in conversion to Organic production

Here in the orchard you will find:
- The Apple Tree Conservancy of Western France
- A Map of the Apples of France
- Unusual fruit tree forms and shapes
- An orchard of ancient apple varieties
- The delightful Apple Bower

From mid September to mid October, every Saturday from 1.30pm to 5.30pm, pick your own apples! Only 1.10€ a kilo!

The Arboretum

With more than 3000 species, Broceliande Gardens Arboretum is truly majestic. Our collections of Oaks, Maples, Ginkgos, Spireas and even Bamboos shed their seeds along our pathways throughout the seasons of the year...

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Our objective as French National Iris Collection Conservancy

Our first aim is to give back the prominence to the French Iris that it held before the American "tidal wave" hit the scene, and especially to offer an "academy" where visitors can see for themselves what a century has brought to the evolution of such a beautiful flower.
Guided tours are available free of charge during the festival "Les Iris pleins les yeux", usuallyduring the last weekend of May. You will discover and learn to appreciate the Iris, which in the past had both religious significance and was a royal emblem.
We offer an ordering service whereby, using our own collection or that of other producers, visitors can purchase their favourite varieties. Some of these varieties have today disappeared from catalogues and in this way their heritage can be protected.
Lastly, in allowing passionate gardeners to meet here, we wish to make the Conservancy a centre for the exchange and dissemination of the wealth of shared knowledge.