A voyage into new perspectives ...

Imagine a garden unlike any other ...
From botanical collections to landscaped islets, preserved wild spaces, small themed gardens, fruit groves and themed areas ... a harmonious landscape showing the history of Brittany as well as taking us out into the wider world

These are some of the gardens :

Broceliande forest

In a region that is full of goblins and elves, be careful not to get caught up in their wild dances...
Right on the edge of nearby Broceliande forest, Celtic legends have been magically transformed into gardens. Maybe you will find elves and hobgoblins hiding amongst the rose and lilac leaves...

The Witch's Garden :

Watch out, creep carefully into the witch's lair ... both evil and beneficial plants are grown for magic potions

The Asian Garden :

Or Zen Garden ... at the water's edge protected by Bamboos, breathe deeply and relax ... Take a trip to the land of the rising sun. Get in touch with the elements, the Yin and the Yang ...

The French-Style Garden :

Imagine a majestic theatre ... Take a seat amongst the strange floral spectators in the stalls ... Watch the dancers come on stage and take a moment to contemplate the flamboyant spectacle which the French National Iris Conservatory offers you!

Fruit tree shapes and forms :

Our first goal was to maintain a harmonious appearance whilst still facilitating harvesting. We also wanted to recreate forgotten fruit tree shapes such as those found in historic chateaux and kitchen gardens.

The Royal Box:

The technique used for the wall is traditional to the Gallo region : a mixture of earth, straw, water and sand is placed in a mould (a more modern approach), and then tamped with a bat and smoothed with hazel twigs.

The English Garden :

A garden to tempt you into stopping for a cup of tea! Undulating paths, embellished with verdure and the colours of the flower beds. The absence of straight lines gives a poetic feeling to this refuge which reflects our wilder and more evocative side.

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