Sensory pathways : "Touch, Smell, Listen to nature like-never before !

"What if we, the able, were disabled in our five senses?"
The development of new techniques, notably in image and sound; our increasingly urban lifestyle; a relative standardisation of our food, means that many of us favour certain of our senses (sight, hearing) to the detriment of the others (touch, smell, taste).

Here are some new experiences which will allow you to find and re-appropriate your senses, whilst taking you far away from day-to-day routine!

"Wake up your Feet" : a German concept

Leave your shoes under the thatched roof and wake up the soles of your feet ...
The idea is simple : rediscover forgotten sensations! In the era of well-being and navel-gazing, touch, even using your feet is bang up-to-date!

Crossing the wooded parkland, the pathway takes you across bark, pine needles, a fallen tree, coloured wood chip mulch, hemp, buckwheat husks ... At the centre of the plant labyrinth, gaze at yourself in the deforming mirror; on the way out jump over the coloured hopscotch game ... At the edge of the lake, trot over Japanese paving steps representing animals' footprints, and over shells. Under the apple tree bower, a water spray comes to life; cross embankments grasping the monkey bridge, and hang on to ropes as you cross the river through the mud!

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The idea is as much to surprise you as it is to reassure you; to learn to feel the cold or the damp, the soft and the rough, to observe or to play ... A total of over 45 materials and textures are there to be experienced !

Created in 2013

At the end of the « Wake up your feet » trail, two exits are possible:
  • Easy: continue along the bark pathway and over the footbridge adapted for children under 6.
  • Difficult: take the high road "File-là haut"©Parcabout, made by Breton fishermen from Groix island.

An acrobatic experience which will allow you to explore nature “from the sky”, 100 meters of nets and cords between trees make for a truly “Tree-top walk” in this centenarian Oak tree avenue.
Between 4 and 6 meters high you will experience an adventure mixing strong sensations, incredible emotions and uncontrollable laughter! In total security with no equipment AND barefoot, wander along this gangway and test your reaction to vertigo; you’ll be surprised at your own capabilities!

After an hour of fun, you can calmly rinse your feet and put your shoes back on...
But, if you're feeling adventurous, there are still another 24 hectares of park to discover !!!

Added information:

"File là-haut" :
  • Open from 1.30pm to 5pm
  • Not for children under 6
  Please see the rules & regulations

"Listen See" : created in 2012

A world between your ears: and if the plants came to life, what would they say ?
This genuine sound exploration will help you discover another variety of plant life!

The enchanted forest ...
Enter into the fantastic universe of Broceliande legends : the Valley of No Return and the Witch's Garden will surprise you with the strange atmosphere emanating from the ancient forest !

A crazy pond ...
Discover the pond's food chain from an unexpected scenography.

"Awaken your senses" : Unique in France and updated in 2014

Do you dare to walk blindfolded ?

Cover your eyes and take the 200 meter long pathway through nature for an astonishing trip of self-discovery.
Rediscover the environment: the caress of plants, the textures and materials discovered at your fingertips; hear the sound of your footsteps; enchant your nose with the scent of vegetation.

Your perception of the environment and your sense of balance will be challenged when you feel your way along the pathway, gripping the handrail. It can sometimes play tricks, sometimes undulate : the crunch of gravel, the resonance of materials, the animal sounds, the smells, the slopes, the damp, the zigzags and the various obstacles - surprise, surprise !

In 2014 lots of surprises will be waiting to give you even more thrilling sensations: trick messages, a bamboo forest, quilted ground, blackout crossing; a far from straightforward journey where laughter is guaranteed!

Added Information:

Active tes sens :
  • Open from 13h30 to 17h30
  • Not for children under 5.
  Please see the rules & regulations

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