Each season you will discover different flowers and a changing landscape at the Broceliande Gardens


1500 labelled plants, as well as those in the botanical collections are exhibited in the varied landscaped gardens

The Main Collections :

  • The Camellia Collection
  • The Hybrid and botanical Lilac Collection newly labelled CCVS "Conservancy of Special plant collections"
  • The French Iris National Conservatory : all French Irises that have been created from 1840 to today : a national collection recognized by the CCVS. Our Irises have been awarded prizes at Florence and at Dykes
  • The history of ancient and climbing roses
  • The "Meilland" Rose Terrace
  • The "Michel Adam" Roses
  • Hydrangea Valley
  • The collection of Turkish and "Baumaux" Dahlias
  • LThe Apple Tree Collection, 20 of which are ancestral cuttings inspired by the King of Versailles' kitchen garden
  • The collection of 100 year old Oaks and Maples

Extraordinary Elements :

For each genus, Broceliande Gardens presents a dozen different varieties...

  • The Heather Hills
  • A selection of Grasses
  • A Hemerocalle Collection
  • The Tree Collection : Quercus, Acers, Liquidambars, Gingkos...
  • The Bamboo Collection

Don't miss :

  • The Prunus Serulla and its' beautiful shiny bark
  • The Sequoia Sempervirens (Dwarf Californian Redwood)
  • The Davidia Involucrata : Handkerchief Tree
  • The Cornus Kousa Chinensis with its beautiful white flowers and its "rasberries"
  • The Calycanthus (Sweetshrub) which smells of red fruits and then wine!
  • The Cascades of Exochorda "The Bride" (Pearl Bush)
  • The Rare Heptacodium Jasminoides (Seven Son Flower)
  • The pruned Japanese shrubs and the dancing Honeysuckles
  • The Clerodendron Trichotomum (Glory Tree)

A favourite plant ?

Seasonal plants are on sale in the Garden Centre.

Like to taste our Apple selection ?
Visit in September or October and pick your own delicious apples from our collections and production : Belle Fleur - Amour - Bon Père - Jardin de Paris - Rouget Prime ... 1.10€ a kilo!

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